Most People Break These New Years Resolutions

We've all made New Years resolutions. And I'm pretty sure a lot of us have broken them within a month

of making them - oops! I've even tried to make mine something fun like, "I'm going to try one new food I've never had

each month" or "I'm going to treat/pamper myself with something indulgent once a month" but even that didn't work.

So you know that you and I are not alone, here are the top ten most-broken New Years resolutions:

  Lose Weight and Get Fit

  Quit Smoking

  Learn Something New

  Eat Healthier and Diet

  Get Out of Debt and Save Money

  Spend More Time with Family

  Travel to New Places (once the pandemic is over)

  Be Less Stressed


  Drink Less

photo credit: Getty Images

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