Brooklyn Beckham Now Private On Instagram After Racially Insensitive Post

Brooklyn Beckham is on the receiving end of some serious criticism after posting photos from his Italian vacation to Instagram. Over the weekend, the oldest son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham uploaded a series of images showing Asian tourists in Italy. He captioned the two-photo post. "no place like Italy innit." The post was quickly called out for being racially insensitive. 

One follower shared screenshots of the post on Twitter, writing, "I don't how's Italy really liked?" He even tagged Beckham's parents in the tweet, as well. Another Twitter user chimed in, writing, "Brooklyn Beckham’s noble imagination of Western world was hurt by the appearance of Asians. LMAO." Another pointed out the hypocrisy of Beckham's post, "Brooklyn Beckham’s gotta be ignorant AF if he thinks that’s not racist. So the Asian tourists were supposedly interfering with his true Venetian experience? Is he not a tourist himself though."


Whatever Beckham's intention behind the post was, it's clear that the post came across as Beckham disregarding the existence of Asian-Italian citizens. And even if the people in his photos were tourists visiting Venice, they have just as much of a right to vacation there as he does. Beckham deleted the post following the backlash. When the conversation continued on his other posts, as well as on Twitter, he made his account private. He has not made a statement on the situation, however, many fans are calling for an apology. 

Photo: Getty


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