Taylor Swift Recalls Getting In Two Car Accidents In One Day: Watch

Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour

Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour

Taylor Swift is good at a lot of things, but driving isn't one of them.

Back in 2012, while she was prepping her fourth studio album Red, Rolling Stone journalist Brian Hiatt hung out with the then 22-year-old in Nashville for a cover story. She then proceeded to get into two separate car accidents.

While recently visiting The Graham Norton Show, the host asked about that incident. Taylor groaned before explaining her feelings — having a Rolling Stone cover was like an angels singing down on her moment — and her mantra of "be your best self at driving." Well, that didn't happen.

“I got in two car accidents with him in the car," she said. "One was my fault, one was not. One was an ‘I’m sorry,’ the second one was a ‘you’re welcome I saved your life’ — we got side-swiped. But I was fully panicking, and when we got side-swiped I think he screamed out something like ‘I have a new baby at home!’ And I was like, ‘Ugh, this is not going to be a good cover story for me. This is going to be good for people reading it, but not for me.’”

The subsequent story really is a good read, and Taylor's career is working out just fine. We're just happy nobody got hurt.

Watch the clip below.

The "ME!" singer wasn't the only guest on the BBC talk show. Sophie Turner, who happens to be Taylor's ex Joe Jonas' new wife, was also there to promote her new movie Dark Phoenix. Fans unsurprisingly lost their minds when they saw the two in the same room.

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