Imagine Dragons Become First Major-Label Band Featured On 'Beat Saber'

On Tuesday (June 11), the gaming industry will swarm Los Angeles for the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, aka E3. The day before the conference, Beat Saber announced some very exciting news. The virtual reality game, which plays like a mix between Guitar Hero and Fruit Ninja, revealed that it has teamed up with its first major-label artist, and it's none other than Imagine Dragons.

The game's creator Beat Games Studio released the Imagine Dragons music pack on Monday (June 10), which includes 10 tracks from the band: “Bad Liar,” “Believer,” “Digital,” “It’s Time,” “Machine,” “Natural,” “Radioactive,” “Thunder,” “Warriors” and “Whatever It Takes.” The pack costs $12.99, though players can also purchase individual songs for $1.99 a piece, and it's available across all VR platforms that offer Beat Saber, including Oculus Rift and Quest, HTC Vice, Windows Mixed Reality and PlayStation VR.

In addition to the music pack, Beat Games also announced that they teamed up with Imagine Dragons for a new 360-degree level. The level will feature the song "Believer" and is scheduled to come out later this summer, though E3 attendees will be able to test it out this week. Check out a preview of the new level below.

Photo: Getty Images