Everything You Need To Know About The Adorable "Raccoon Dog"

Fair warning.... No matter how cute you think the 'Raccoon Dog' is you CAN NOT make it your new pet!

The raccoon-dog is such a cute animal (to look at from afar). The animal is something called a Tanuki. The Tanuki is shaped like a small dog, fluggy kind of like a Pomeranian dog but with the face of a raccoon. If you've ever thought a raccoon is cute, you'll definitely find this Raccoon Dog adorable! Here's some things you should know about the animal.

  1. Despite the name and similarities, it is not a relative of raccoons, it is actually a close relative of true foxes rather than the domestic dog.
  2. It is not an endangered species, there are plenty of raccoon dogs in eastern Asia and Europe.
  3. Atlanta is the only place in the U.S. you can see a raccoon dog. Despite being found in the wild around Europe, China, Russia etc. If you want to see one in the flesh in the U.S. you would have to go to the Zoo Atlanta.
  4. You CAN NOT domesticate these animals. Some Raccoon Dogs may be aggressive and carry infectious diseases!
  5. The male Tanuki supports the females by bringing her food when she's pregnant and helping raise her puppies when they're born.

Despite thinking the Tanuki is ADORABLE, you really shouldn't go on a search now to find one and domesticate it. Think I'll take a trip to the Zoo Atlanta sometime soon!

Photo: Instagram/tuomasheinonenphotography