Nick Jonas Fans Are Furious After Singer Poses For Cigar Magazine

There are two things that Nick Jonas is a huge fan of: tequila and cigars.

While 21+ fans were excited to hear about Jonas' venture into the alcohol business, fans of all ages weren't happy to see the 26-year-old posing for Cigar Aficionado magazine.

Jonas took to his Instagram page to announce his cover and posted the shot on Monday (September 9) with the caption: "First person under 30 to hold a cigar on the cover of one of my favorite magazines. So pumped about this one!" But while he's stoked about the cover, many fans flooded his comments expressing their disappointment in the singer promoting cigars.

"Smoking is not only terrible for your health but also really bad for your vocals. Sad to see this, I expected more," one fan wrote. While another was worried about the message it's sending to young kids: "You know it’s bad For your lungs... you are promoting young kids to use Cigars??? Why???"

There were many fans, though, who were more than obsessed with the star's photo and congratulated him on the magazine and being the youngest to achieve the feat of cover star. 

At the time of publishing, Jonas did not respond to the worried fans in the comment section.

Jonas is currently on tour with Joe and Kevin for the Happiness Begins Tour; which has been selling out and bringing out the Jonas Brothers fangirl in everyone including JAY-Z. He'll also be starring in a new movie out later this year called Midway.

Photo: Getty Images