'Jeopardy' Contestant Calls Out Show After Bizarre On-Air Issue Costs Him

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There was a time when regardless of if a game show contestant won or lost, they always seemed to enjoy their appearance. These days though, that isn't the case. Last week, a losing Wheel Of Fortune contestant called out the show on air over the category they chose for a puzzle and now, a Jeopardy player is following suit.

Champ Matthew Marcus was doing well in the Double Jeopardy round when one of his competitors, Ricky Rivera, buzzed in to answer a clue in the category "The National Park System." Host Ken Jennings read it, "An Alabama historic site invites you to journey back to the 1940s and learn about this group of Black military aviators," and Ricky responded, "What are the Tuskegee White, er, Red Wings." Ken ruled him wrong, saying, "No," but then corrected himself saying, "Oh, yes," but then stated, "No, we're not taking that." While all that was happening, Matthew buzzed in and although his podium lit up, he wasn't allowed to answer. Then, the third player, Andrew Bembenek, buzzed in and correctly answered, "Who are the Tuskegee Airmen?" Jennings responded, "Yes or Red Tails," adding, "Ricky so close."

Matthew, a British-born software developer from Portland, Oregon, wound up winning the game but still took to Reddit after the show to describe just how he felt when all of that went down. He, or someone claiming to be him, wrote, "I was quite sad about how that Tuskegee question played out. If you watch closely, Ricky buzzes in, gives the wrong answer, I immediately buzz in, then Ken changes his mind and I'm locked out, then Ken changes his mind back and Andrew buzzes in. Lucky it didn't matter!"

Many commenters were shocked producers left the exchange in the show, with one writing, "I'm surprised that didn't result in a stoppage and reshoot, or some kind of editing."

Matthew replied to everything being said on the thread, writing, "I guess I could have kicked up a fuss if I wanted to but I think the show just powered onwards very quickly so I shrugged it off."

Because Matthew didn't have the chance to answer the clue, he missed out on $1,200, which wouldn't have changed the outcome of the game but could've added to his winnings. By the Final Jeopardy round, he had $28,800, more than double Andrew's $11,800 and Ricky's $11,200. While his competitors got the Final Jeopardy clue right, he didn't, but he also didn't wager too much so he wound up winning and taking home $23,800.

He's now won a total of $66,000 in his two appearances and will compete again on Monday night.

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