Scrunchies Are Back in Style, but Why Are Boys Wearing Them Now?

Our favorite hair accessory from the '80s has been back in style for a few years now, but apparently wearing one can have a whole new meaning for some teenagers!

The other day a mom posted a photo of pile of scrunchies that she had found in the dryer. She was doing her teenage son's laundry and couldn't understand why he had amassed a small collection of girls' hair accessories. He explained that girls give them to boys to let them know "I think you're cute!" The boys are proudly wearing them on their arms.

I shared the post on my Facebook page and within minutes two of my friends who have teenage sons commented... One had just found a scrunchie on her son's bedroom floor and the other said her son came walking in the house with one on his wrist the other day and she had been wondering why.

Well, now we know.