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Sharing This Chore Makes A Relationship Stronger

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Living with your significant other can be an adjustment for couples, and it definitely brings up new issues that you never had to address before.Like, who gets to decorate the house? How do you find a happy medium between your style and his? Do you have someone come clean the house once a month? Do you split cooking 50/50? Will your partner take out the trash on their way out? What about the level you set the AC to??

Yeah, I'm just touching on the surface of what comes up when you move in together. But a new study says that there's one chore you can split evenly that will strengthen your relationship. All you have to do is really split it 50/50!

And it's doing the dishes.

In a report by The Atlantic, it was found that sharing the dish duty was the most important. The study included analyzing several household chores like shopping, laundry, and other housecleaning duties to find which was the most important for the strength of your relationship.

And there are some real consequences behind the not sharing of the work! Women who reported doing the majority of the dishes at home also reported there being more conflict, less relationship satisfaction than those with partners who did the dishes from time to time.

Take note men... if you're refusing to do the dishes, there may some serious repercussions coming your way. And it doesn't even seem intentional, it's just the reality. 

So ladies, if your man isn't helping out... you might want to nudge him in the right direction before these things really become an issue in your relationship.

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